Watch Football Games In The Internet Using Your Computer

Posted on November 29, 2008 by Hye

Do you love watching football games live during the weekend? I am sure most football followers do. Watching football is a good way to hang out, ease stress, and bond with family.

However, not everyone has extra money they can spend to buy football tickets. Thus, some football fanatics resort to looking for ways on how to watch football games in the Internet, especially the National Football League (NFL ) is currently being held.

If you are currently looking for websites that offer video streaming of football videos, this is a good news for you. Just recently Carlsberg Brewery launched a football web-TV called that showcases 5 channels showing all aspects about football from the classic football matches to life as a fan.

To find out more about their features, visit Carlsberg web-tv site now at

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Gift Ideas For The Christmas Season

Posted on by Hye

It's only a couple of weeks to go before the Christmas season, which is the time of sharing love and giving gifts. In as early as now, I am looking for gift ideas for my family - maybe new clothing for my parents, new toys for my little sisters and an electronic gadget for my brother.

Since my brother is a certified music-lover, I am considering of giving him an iPod. I was looking in the Internet for the price list of this gadget and I was a bit shocked knowing its price is expensive. However, instead of settling down to a cheaper gift, I am decided to give him an iPod, not minding the price. Christmas only comes once in a year, so any gift is priceless, right? It's the thought that counts.

So my only choice is to look for websites offering cheaper prices. I was grateful I found, an online price comparison site that compares prices of ipods and other electronic gadgets. The site is very helpful to buyers like me who want to find the best prices for a product they are looking for.

So if you want to buy something as a gift for your loved ones, better compare their prices so you'll know who offers the cheapest and most expensive products... and you can do it at

By the way, I might buy an iPod Touch this Christmas as a gift for myself.

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2008 US Presidential Election Results - Who Won McCain-Obama? Electoral Vote Tally

Posted on November 4, 2008 by Hye

It's election in the United States! Who won the 2008 US Presidential Election? Is it John McCain or Barack Obama? Even though there's no result yet, looks like everyone are looking forward for the next US President because we may admit it or not, the result will affect everyone of us, either directly or indirectly.

Who is winning or leading the electoral votes or 2008 US presidential elections? How's the presidential election count or tally of votes nationwide?

Here's a quick recap of what the state poll averages looked like as of Monday night for the big states of the United States.

Who won 2008 US Presidential ElectionPennsylvania: Obama + 7.6
Florida: Obama + 1.8
Ohio: Obama +3.2
Indiana: McCain +1.4
Virginia: Obama + 4.3
Colorado: Obama +5.5
Nevada: Obama +6.2
New Mexico: Obama +7.3

Info courtesy of Liz Green of Yahoo News

Presidential Election 2008 Results will be posted here as soon as it is available. Stay tuned.

2008 US Presidential Election Results

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