What Money Can't Buy

Posted on November 23, 2007 by Hye

Last week, I discussed on one of my post that life is not only about money. Today, I want to give my opinion about the things money can't buy.

We know that money is a necessity. It is a necessary part of our life. Without it, I admit we will not survive nor have the luxuries we wanted.

Most people say that money can buy everything. It can make the world go round. One can have everything he wanted as long as he has the money.

Most people may agree with this. Maybe you do, too.

Well, I don't :D

I don't agree that money can buy EVERYTHING because I know there are some things that money can't buy. Money can only buy the material things in this world but it can never buy the spiritual and emotional aspects of life.

Money can't buy real joy and happiness. Money can't buy love. Money can't buy life. Money can't buy real friends and family. Money can't buy eternity.

I guess the real and exact statement should be “Money can almost buy everything”, not “Money can buy everything” :D