Giving a Try Versus Doing Your Best

Posted on January 20, 2008 by Hye

You Comment I Follow"Okay, can you tell me the difference between giving a try and doing your best?"

That was my former boss' question actually. I was new to that company - three months old to be exact - when he asked us that question. We were having a team meeting and out of nowhere he asked every head in the room on how to differentiate "giving a try" and "doing your best".

Being a fresh college graduate landing her first job who was asked that question, my initial expression was "mentally blank". Honestly, I was really blank that time. Too good I wasn't the first one being asked. If that would be the case, it will be an embarrassing moment. Maybe I will just turn red and say "I think they are the same" or worst "I don't know".

Try and TryAll of us were obliged to answer but I really can't think that time. I never thought they are different. I always thought they are just the same. Not literally, but maybe logically.

Think... Think.. Think... Don't cram... Just think...

If he asked the difference between the two phrases, then maybe there is actually "a difference". Common Hye, concentrate!

Time's up...

Now it's my turn... want to know my answer? I will not tell you today:D Why don't you share your opinion first and I’ll tell mine later? I will also share how my boss differentiated the two phrases :D

Happy Thinking :D