Love At First Sight, Really?

Posted on January 24, 2008 by Hye

You Comment I FollowDo you believe in love at first sight? Why?

As for me, I don't... I don't think there is such thing as love at first sight? How can you possibly fall in love for someone who you don't personally know.. who you only laid eyes on once?

I admit, when I was a teenager, I always believed in love at first sight. Whenever I saw a cute guy next door, I thought I love him. I was just a teenager that time, so I guess it's acceptable. That time, I still don't know what love to opposite gender means. Maybe I was just taken by the love stories I read or movies I watched.

But then, as I grow up and mature, I begun to realize that there is no such thing as love at first sight. It's not possible.

It's not love... just a simple and plain attraction… maybe you were only attracted by his good looks… by his sweet smile… or his gentle moves. It’s not because you are attracted, it doesn't mean you love him.

Every time I overhear a teenager saying he love the guy he met at a party or some stories that goes like this, I smile to myself and thought “Just another teenager...”

Love does not develop instantly. It takes time to mature. Love is acceptance. Infatuation and attraction are not love. Thus, in my opinion there is no such thing as love at first sight :D