Why People Fall In Love?

Posted on January 27, 2008 by Hye

You Comment I FollowOnly four days to go before the Month of the Hearts... and exactly sixteen days to count before the Valentines Day. Whew, days are slipping so fast. One day it was New Year and now, we're looking forward for the Hearts' Day.

Had you started planning your date? :D

I started posting articles about love days ago. I think it's pretty early.. but I can't stop myself. I want to share my views about love as early as I can. I got a lot of topics to cover so, you'll be expecting my future posts will definitely about my opinions and thoughts regarding love and relationship. Join me and let's all fall in love :D

Today, I want to share my views on why people fall in love. Honestly, I'm a hopeless romantic person. I love romances and sentiments. In short, I love the feeling of being loved by the person I love.

Why People Fall In LoveBut why do we fall in love?

It's a question which is hard to answer... or a question that has no answer at all. I think it's a mystery why we fall in love. It is a question that makes me think but I never found an answer. With my years of living, I never discovered the answer why people fall in love. Maybe I'm still young... or maybe, this question doesn't need an answer at all. Instead, love should be felt, not discovered nor learned.

Even Science has no answer to this question. Even Math can't compute how the process of falling in love goes. Maybe it's Chemistry, only our hearts know how… because even our mind can't control our hearts to fall in love. In my opinion, people fall in love to experience and to feel love, which is the greatest gift of all. No questions. No answers.

Now, what do you think why people fall in love?