Better To Love and Be Loved Than Never

Posted on February 8, 2008 by Hye

Love Hurts"It's better to love and be loved rather than never experienced how to love and be loved"

Are you familiar with this statement? I do... I hear it a lot - in movies, in books, from my friends, family, even in text messages. Well, do you agree or in other way, do you not agree?

Honestly, I used to disagree with the statement... that was about three or four years ago. It may be hard to admit, but I am going to admit it here. I used not to believe in love. Well, at least, in romantic love for the opposite gender... as far as love from my family is concerned, I do agree in family love...

Just a little disclaimer :D This post will only focus about romantic love to the opposite gender... because love is a very wide topic... love for a family is a different thing... and I admit I can't talk or cover it all.

Back to the topic, I used to believe in "It is better not to love and be loved but never get hurt rather than loved and cried afterwards". I know what you are thinking... maybe you are now contradicting me... but some may confess it or not, there are some who feels this way... before or still.

I used to think that way... maybe because that was just my excuse not to get hurt… or maybe I was just afraid to settle my feelings knowing I will get hurt afterwards. Call me love-hater or whatever, I don't mind :D

But as I mentioned, that was before... Now, things changed. I no longer feel or think that way... I now think this way: It's better to love and be loved rather than never experienced how to love and be loved… because when you love someone, you just loved him... not minding if you will get hurt afterwards... because hurt is part of love... if you won't get hurt, you will never know the real meaning of love. The hurt that is caused by love will not make us weaker... but it is the other way around. When we get hurt because of love, we will become wiser, stronger, more mature... If we love, we learn something that no book or mentor can teach us... lessons that can only be learned by loving and being loved.

Now, do you still feel the same way just the way I used to think or now thinking the way I am currently thinking? Just a simple thought :D