How Can Nagging Affect The Relationship

Posted on February 29, 2008 by Hye

Today's the last day of the Heart's Month... so I want to end up the month with a topic about love. Well, it's not exactly about love. It's more about relationship and is called "How Can Nagging Affect The Relationship". Actually this topic came up in my mind yesterday but I decided to write about it today.

So, how can nagging affect the relationship?

Honestly, I am a nagger. I think it's women's nature to be a nagger. I don't know if other women will agree with me... but I admit I am... even my mom does ;D

I nag my boyfriend most of the time, especially if he is late again from work... if he forgot to buy stuffs I want him to buy... if he bought another set of DVDs... and other reasons. My mom nags my dad especially when he is again drunk.

Some people, especially the male department, hate naggers. My boyfriend even admitted that he hated when I nag him. I know my dad hated it when my mom nags too... but he just keep silent instead of arguing back. Luckily, they haven't separated yet because of nagging.

According to study, repetitive pattern of daily complaints and nagging can have a corrosive effect on a relationship. Agreeable enough, but I think the effect all depend on how the couples deal with it. They could either talk about how nagging affect their relationship or give up the relationship. I think some reasons of divorce is also caused by nagging, don't you agree?

So, let me ask you "Are you a nagger too".