How Much Do You Love Me?

Posted on February 20, 2008 by Hye

TreasuresIf your partner asked you the question above, how will you react or respond?

Out of nowhere, I asked my hon this question one time… maybe to test him or just to start a conversation. He paused for awhile (about five seconds) then smartly answered back "None". I asked him why he had to pause, he said he wants to be sure with his answer... then we laughed. We laughed because we both know whatever the answer may be, it's nothing for us.

Love should be priceless... Just like Jennifer Lopez said on her song "Love doesn’t cost a thing". The love between two people should last through thick and thin. Money should not be over love... it should be the other way.

But I guess this is not the reality to some people. Nowadays, we hear stories like: A girl married his husband because he is wealthy and powerful. She vowed she will love him come what may... but when the man became broke, they divorced. The girl actually did not love his husband. She loved his money. Or was it actually love.

(At least there are some who actually stays whatever and wherever life brings them as couple.)

In my opinion, lack of money should not be the reason of divorce, separation, or argument. Not because he or she no longer has money, your love for him gets less. Instead, your love for each other should get stronger as you pass the test.

Now, maybe it's time to ask yourself if you love your husband or his attainment. Maybe it's time to ask your partner "How much you love me?" :D