It Takes Two To Tango

Posted on February 25, 2008 by Hye

Dancing TangoEver heard the lines above? I am sure you do. Some of you may have already heard it yet never give a second thought. Some of you may have heard it alot yet until now, still not know what the statement really means.

So what does "It takes two to tango" means?

Honestly, the first time I heard about it, my initial expression was "Huh?!" Of course, I know the meaning of this sentence. Literally. I know that it takes a couple to dance a tango... but what does this idiom exactly means? Admittedly, it took me years before I fully understood these words.

When someone said "It takes two to tango", they mean "Certain activities - such as quarreling or fighting - cannot be performed alone. "It takes two to tango" means that two people in a fight are both responsible for that fight. One person might start the fight, but they both keep it going. A conflict is not the fault of just one person or the other; they are often both to blame, because it takes two to tango ;D

So, may I ask you "Do you keep on blaming others, too?"