Love Is Sweeter The Second Time

Posted on February 2, 2008 by Hye

Love Is Sweeter The Second Time"Love is sweeter the second time around..." Does this statement familiar to you? Do you agree?

Before, I never agree nor believe to the sentence above. I once thought that when a relationship is over, it’s already done. No second time. Once is enough.

But those were my beliefs when I yet have no experience with romantic love. I never know how it feels to be loved and to love. Everything in me was all imaginations and just beliefs.

After having a relationship, things change. I admit that sometimes, things are better done than said. There are things we keep on saying but when we came to that situation, everything changed.

Just like what happened to me. As I said, I used to believe that "love can only happen once". That was just my imagination because in reality, everything and everyone deserve a second chance - whether in romantic love, friendship, or family love. That's why there is what we call "Forgiveness".

Going back to topic, I admit my honey and I get separated for once because of some reasons (sorry can't disclose it). I thought that was it. The relationship is over. However, everything changed when he came back. I don’t know why I gave him another chance. Whatever the reason was, it wasn't a regrettable decision.

During our second time, everything went better and sweeter. We understand each other better. We give and take. I don't know why our relationship became sweeter the second time around. Maybe it's because we no longer want to get separated. Maybe we no longer want those reasons to be the same reason for another breakup. Or maybe we learn to know and value the relationship during the time we were separated and learn to admit that we are for each other.

Whatever the reason may be, I now believe that "Love is sweeter the second time around". It indeed is.