My Simple Thanks For Your Friendship

Posted on February 5, 2008 by Hye

Thank youI want to give this small token to all my friends who had been great and wonderful visitors and commentators of Space of Reality. I really appreciate you guys for dropping by here and spending some time leaving and sharing your opinions.

Thank you for being my friend too... :D

I'm sharing this to all my blogofriends namely:

1. BlueDreamer of Bluedreamer's Paradise
2. Dann of My Love Hub
3. Rose of KuchingNite
4. SweetiePie of Clumsy Mommy
5. Richard of Forbidden Planet
6. Hailie of Ulzzang Hailie
7. MrViruz of Hall of Fame
8. BlueCrystalDude of Hot Shit Form
9. Coolingstar of Coolingstar9
10. Waliz of Waliz Diary
11. Sassy of My Sassy Mind
12. Clare of I Do Smile A Lot
13. Simple Mind of Simple-Mindz
14. Gypsy of Rambling Gypsy
15. AngelBaby of Your Caring Angels
16. TwinkleToe of TwinkleToe Writing Space
17. AC Associates of AC Associates USA

Thanks again and hope the friendship will stay :D