On Cloud Nine With This Peace Award

Posted on February 27, 2008 by Hye

Peace AwardToday's another wordless Wednesday. I woke up late and am too lazy to get back to work. Maybe I should declare today as my holiday. Just kidding. Honestly, I can't think of an interesting topic here in Space of Reality. Maybe later I can come up with a topic to discuss, right after having my brunch ;D

Anyway, despite the boredom and laziness I am feeling right now, there is one reason I should be happy and motivated about. I just recently received another amazing award called Peace Award. I got this reward from a very loyal friend name Rose, who had been tagging and giving me awards without me knowing. I think this award should be given and shared mostly to Filipinos as they need Peace and Serenity right now, because of what is currently happening in their government. Again, just kidding. I am not serious. I want to share this award to anyone, not specifically Filipinos ;D

Now, my favorite part is to share this award to our recent commentators namely:

Bluedreamer, Farah, Richard, Karlyn, Billy, Colin, Twinks, Jen, Sweetipie, Warsnake, Sassy, Jirel, Coolingstar, and Ancilla.

(Just a little note, in case I never mention the awards and tags you had given, please accept my apologies. One reason I never posted it could be you never informed me ;D So I really appreciate it in case you tagged me or given me an award, please leave a message here. Thanks.)