What Makes A Man Stronger?

Posted on February 28, 2008 by Hye

Strong ManHave you ever heard this line "A strong man stands up for himself. I stronger man stand for others"? If you watched the Disney cartoon movie called Barnyard: The Original Party Animals, then probably, you can relate to this line... but if you haven't, then I suggest watching it. Just kidding.

Seriously, if you are after computer-animated cartoon movies then Barnyard is another great choice because it has a moral in it. What I like about Disney movies is that you can learn a lesson or two after watching each movie. In Barnyard's case, I've learn several lessons and one is the line above. I am not to talk about the movie so if you are curious about it, then I suggest watching it ;D

Back to the phrase "A strong man stands up for himself. I stronger man stand for others" which is the main topic of the post. Do you agree? Why not?

Honestly, after hearing the statement, I was touched. So true. I do agree that a man is stronger if he can stand for others. A man is strong if he can take care for himself, but he is even stronger when he can take care for his family and friends. Conversely, a leader is better when he stands up for his subordinates – not only thinking the benefit of his leadership and power.

Maybe it’s now time to reflect on how you stand for others. Are you strong or stronger?