Can You Keep A Secret?

Posted on March 5, 2008 by Hye

SecretsFor more than four months of blogging, I never shared my opinion about secrets. While sleepily browsing some websites online, a sudden thought about "secrets" popped inside my mind... so I considered posting a related article before I'll have my night sleep - or should I say dawn sleep (Because it is already past 12'oclock in the morning. The neighborhood is so quite thus I am a little motivated of writing another article.) So, let's talk about secrets.

Shhhh... Can you keep a secret? Is your answer a typical yes or no?

Some may agree with me that it is okay to keep secrets. Secrets can be fun. They can also test your level of trust to your friends or family. During my teenage years, my high school friends and I love making secrets such as who are our crushes and some other personal secrets. Nowadays, I admit I still keep secrets... when you'll ask me how old I am, I will simply reply "Secret." I know that most of us have secrets - some are kept personally while others are kept with our trustees.

But do you know that there are secrets which can also hurt people? There are secrets that should be kept untold while there are some which should be revealed. In short, there is a good and a bad secret. A good secret won't hurt you or anyone or anything else while a bad secret might hurt you, or someone or something else. It might make you, your brother, your sister, or a friend feel sad, scared, uncomfortable, or angry. It might be something that you know is wrong, and you think someone will get in trouble if you break it.

So, knowing there are bad and good secrets… do you know when you should keep a secret or reveal them. Thanks for sharing ;D