Is Being Courageous Means Being Fearless

Posted on March 13, 2008 by Hye

FearlessI often hear a lot of people saying “He is so brave and fearless!” Every time I hear this statement, I disagree. Why? It’s because I simply disagree ;D

Does being courageous imply being fearless? What does being courageous exactly mean?

First, let's define what the words fear and courage mean.

Fear is the acceptance of potential danger and the motivation to take action for protection. It sets you in action for facing danger or fleeing from it. Meanwhile, courage is the ability to persist with your objectives and take action even in the face of fear. Courage is not the absence of fear. Being courageous forces you to pursue your objectives despite fear. Fear helps you protect yourself from danger, whereas courage helps you take action despite being fearful. Do not be afraid to be afraid. Fear is necessary. However do not let fear stop you. Be courageous and take action. Fear and courage go hand in hand. Fear is necessary for survival, whereas courage is required to succeed.
Now, after reading the excerpt above, you also disagree with the statement “He is so brave and fearless!