Jack Of All Trades, Master To None

Posted on March 11, 2008 by Hye

Jack Of All Trades, Master To NoneAre you familiar with this idiomatic expression "Jack Of All Trades, Master To None"? Again, as usual, let me ask you if you agree or disagree. If so, mind to share us why?

Truth is, I disagree with the old saying "Jack of all trades, master to none". Why can't we be "Jack of all Trades" and master of all that we have done? In my opinion, knowing and being passionate about a broad array of subjects is an advantage. For me, being a Jack of all trades doesn't mean you are being greedy. It is like being flexible. Isn't it better if you know how to speak a lot of languages rather than knowing only how to speak your own native language?

Being a Jack of all trades means you are capable of anything with no limit. It should be considered both a strength and advantage. It isn’t only about knowing everything, but it is also about being multifaceted and truly knowing a lot in various fields of study.

For me, the old idiom above should be changed to "Jack of all trades, master of none, but better than a master of one" ;D