Why Some People Choose To Be Single?

Posted on March 1, 2008 by Hye

Single WomanHere’s another question to start the sizzling month of March. Today, I want to share my thoughts on "Why some people remain single throughout the life?" and "Why they never marry or had any relationship?"

I know it’s kinda rude when you ask someone “Why are you still single?” especially with strangers, so I never asked someone this question. I just keep on wondering and asking myself instead. I once had a neighbor who stayed single throughout her life. She died without a relationship, husband or kids. I know it was her decision to be single, but I can’t stop my curious mind from thinking. Whenever I saw her I always want to ask her but never had the courage. Also, some of my high school friends are still single until now but I never had the chance to ask them “Why?” because as I said, it’s kinda rude.

Here are some reasons why I think some people choose to be single. Just my opinion.
- Some are self-centered who feels happier and freer even without a husband.
- Some are afraid of relationship, marriage, and kids.
- Some are more passionate with what they are doing rather than having a relationship.
- Some are man-hater or relationship-hater
- Some are traumatized by the failure of their parents, friends, and relatives in terms of relationship.

I appreciate it if there are singles who can share their thoughts about the topic ;D