Backstabbers and Betrayal: How To Deal?

Posted on October 3, 2008 by Hye

How to deal with backstabbersHow to deal with backstabbers? Familiar with the words "Backstabbers and Betrayal"? Have you been backstabbed throughout your life? How did you found out? In life, it is normal if we meet backstabbers who hinder us away from our success - from the office, in school, even in blogging.

But who should be categorized as backstabbers?

I found an article in summarizing the personality of a typical backstabber and they are listed below. Find out if you are one of them ;0

1. The typical Backstabber will always be lurking to see what you do, when you do it and how you do it.
2. In the office, the Backstabber might just be the person who comes to your cube unsuspectingly.
3. The Backstabber will always be first person willing to help when you need assistance---not because he genuinely wants to help, but because he wants to learn how you work & possibly expose weaknesses in the process.
4. The Backstabber, whenever the opportunity arises, will use the CC (or God forbid, the BCC!!) function in Microsoft Outlook.
5. The Backstabber will never take any blame upon himself. Never.
6. The Backstabber is also either a Drama Fanner or Drama Queen (personality types already covered The Bastardly).
7. The Backstabber pretends to be naive of very obvious things for the sake of seeing how you react.
8. The Backstabber's main goal is to expose you in front of as many people as possible. In meetings they tend to laugh a lot, possibly ask stupid questions. Don't fall into this stupidity trap. Their main goal is to get you to open your mouth, so that you may set yourself up for a beating.
9. All backstabbers are naturally very selfish & spoiled people. They will do anything to get the most and be the best. This includes whoring themselves, shady bribing techniques, hiring brothas to make hits---pretty much whatever it takes (think of the Terminator.)
10. Always know your Backstabber, but don't become one yourself. It's like the War On Terrorism---it will go on forever (or at least until one man is left standing). Basically, ignoring the Backstabber is not an option b/c that's when you're most vulnerable!
So how to deal with backstabbers? Stay away from them. As simple as that. Just my opinion. If you have something to add, don't hesitate to do so.