How to Know if Your Man is a Cheater?

Posted on August 16, 2009 by Hye

Ever been wondering how to determine if your husband or boyfriend is cheatking on you with another woman? You can't just ask a guy these questions because you don't know if he is telling the truth or not. Just check these info below to find the answers via John E. Warren on EzineArticles Dot Com.

Is He Always Working Long Hours?
If your man always says that he is working late then he could be lying and using the oldest excuse in the book. If he works late then he should be getting lots of overtime money and be able to treat you more. If he's not then he could be with another woman. Try to phone him at the office when he is working late to see if he is telling the truth.

Does He Have A Lot Of Female Friends?
Be very careful of a guy with lots of female friends. Women can have male friends without feeling attracted but it is impossible for men not to be attracted to a woman who he spends time with, even so-called "ugly" women. Chances are, he could have a casual s(e)x relationship with one of these female friends.

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Has Your S(e)x Life Changed?
Does your man ever suddenly produce a new trick in the bedroom? He probably got it from another woman. You can't just learn a trick by reading about it on the internet, someone has to show you how.

Has He Introduced You?
Have you met all of his closest friends and family? This is a good sign that he could be cheating on you. These people may have met someone else that they know as his "girlfriend" or "wife" and he doesn't want to be exposed as a cheater.

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Does He Suddenly Care More About His Appearance?
Men do not care much about their appearance unless they are trying to impress a new woman. Is your man suddenly caring more about what he wears and taking personal attention to his hygiene? It could be a sign of cheating.

Strange Phone Calls
Does your man always exit the room when he gets a phone call? Maybe he does it because he doesn't want to be caught. Or does he often let the phone go to voicemail or maybe he receives texts and doesn't share them with you. Maybe the address book on his phone is full of initials like "KC" instead of real names.