Being Intelligent Guarantees Success

Posted on November 4, 2007 by Hye

I often hear the saying "If you are intelligent, then you will be successful". When I was young, I used to believe it because my mother and some of my grade school teachers often told me so.

But then, as I grow up I realized that being intelligent alone will not actually guarantee your success. I learned that it is only one of the ingredients to attain success. To be successful, you must apply passion, hard work, positive thinking, determination, motivation, and confidence. Without these, even though you are intelligent, you cannot be successful.

I know some people who have high IQ but remain jobless or career-less because they lack confidence. They remain losers because they are afraid to take risk. I know some people with stagnant career because they lack motivation and determination. If one is determined, confident, and motivated, he can be successful to what ever career path he or she may take.

Being Intelligent Guarantees SuccessYou may argue that luck is also part of success. Well, I agree that it really is. But we must remember that not everyone is lucky. There are some people who are fortunate while most are unfortunate. We should not wait to be lucky just be successful. If there are people who became successful because they were lucky, then they are lucky.

But we should remember too that there are most people who became successful because of their passion, hard work, positive thinking, determination, motivation, intelligence, and confidence.

Remember, if those successful people were able to do it, then why can’t we?