Prayer Uplifts One's Soul

Posted on November 2, 2007 by Hye

I used to ask myself why people pray? Is it for forgiveness of sins? Or thanksgiving? Or guidance? I believe everyone have their own reasons to pray - either for personal or family-related or both.

I often wonder if God hear every prayer uttered by each person. But then I realized that if God will answer all prayers, then everyone will be satisfied with their life. But knowing the fact that not all prayers were answered, why are still some people who pray? Is it because of faith? If I were to ask you why you pray, what will you reason out? Or should I ask you if you pray at all? If not, then why?

Prayer Uplifts Ones SoulAs for me, I pray because praying to God uplifts my soul. Talking to Him clears my mind and eases my pain. Prayer does not only establishes my relationship with God, it is vital in maintaining my relationship with Him. Though I know that God will not literally answer my prayer, I know deep in my heart that He heard me.

I believe it is all about FAITH after all.