Life Is Not Only About Money

Posted on November 15, 2007 by Hye

In this world, I admit that money is a necessity. Without it, no one will ever survive. You need money to live. This is why we strive to earn money everyday - to live and to survive.

Often, many people believe that money makes the world go around. Others even believe that money buys happiness. Well, I agree. Money indeed will give you access to limitless sources of happiness.

However, if money can buy almost everything, then why are there rich people who aren't happy with their possessions? Is it because of misery? I am not saying that rich people are miserable because I can see most of them are contented with what they have. All I am pointing is, if money can buy everything, which includes happiness, then why are there some rich people who aren't happy or should I say, contented?

From what I observed, some people waste their time looking for money because they believe that money will make them happy. In their journey of making money, they often forget about love and family. They forget to smile and have fun. They are too serious to earn money. In the end, when it's too late, they realize that life is not only about money. Life is about enjoying what you have and having fun with the people around you.

While it's not yet too late for me, I realized that I don't have to waste my time just for finding money. I have to have fun too while making a living. Living is fun especially when you are with the people you love and who love you back. Remember, we only have one lifetime in this world. The point is, don't just concentrate on making a living. Instead, live life and enjoy.