Respect Others' Views and Opinions

Posted on November 13, 2007 by Hye

Since I've discussed recently about speaking up my mind, I would like to take this chance to speak up what is bothering me today. Right now, I am bothered about other peoples' opinion and how they are being respected by others.

I wonder why there are some close-minded people who only listen to their own side. They don't care about what other's say about something. They only believe on what they wanted to believe and hear what they wanted to hear.

Well, I’m not saying that they should agree to everyone's opinion because this is not possible. It is a reality that in a certain facet of life, there come black or white, true or false, positive or negative, etc. As the saying goes, a coin has two sides. It is up to us on which side we choose to go.

All I am saying is, whichever side we are, either in bad or good side, in my opinion, we should also listen to the opposing side. They too have their own point of view. We should also pay attention to what other think and believe. It is up to us if we will agree or not. The important thing is that, we listened and respected their opinions.

This is my opinion, what's yours? :D