Don't Just Exist. Live Life To The Fullest

Posted on November 9, 2007 by Hye

Live life to the fullest. Life is short so we should live life to the fullest. We only get one chance to live so make it the best. We should live life in the moment. The only thing that is assured in life is this moment and death. So cherish every second of life and make it worthwhile.

We should not let problems hinder our happiness. Troubles are there to spice up our life. Life would be boring without obstacles. Don't give up so easily. Take risk. Don’t destroy your life just because of challenges. Don’t be weak. Be optimistic and strong.

Live Life To The FullestBe comfortable with yourself. Know who you are. Love and accept yourself, even if others don't. Don’t be a people-pleaser. Remember, nobody can please everyone. Just be true to yourself.

Enjoy life. Be happy. Smile. Don't just exist. Live life to the fullest.