Speak Up Your Mind, Let The World Know!

Posted on November 11, 2007 by Hye

Have you ever experienced knowing the answer to a question yet you hesitated to answer because you fear that it may be wrong? Did it ever happen wherein you were in a conversation and you have something to say but you faltered because you dread someone may get hurt?

I am sure all of us do.

Letting others know what you think is not really easy, you may argue. Sometimes, it is better to keep "something" by yourself and be in silence than speaking up your mind and hurting someone afterwards.

However, it may not be as easy as it may seem, I believe it is still better to speak up your mind. Not everyone may agree with you or no one will believe you. So what? At least you let them know what you think and let them realize that you exist.

If you have a lot of ideas flowing in your mind, then c'mon, speak it up, let others know it, and make it count. No one will ever know what you think and believe if you won't say it. Who knows, it will change the world positively.