The Best Gift To A Loved One This Christmas

Posted on December 16, 2007 by Hye

People making lists, buying special gifts;
It's a time to be kind to one and all.
It's the time of year when good friends are dear,
And you wish you could give more
Than just presents from the store.

Are you familiar with these song lyrics? Maybe yes. Maybe not. In case you don’t know, this song is one of the most popular Christmas song played during Christmas season in my country. Right now, my neighbor is actually playing this song while I was writing this article.
In my country, Christmas season is already in the air. Children were singing Christmas carols everywhere. Christmas lights are lit every night in every house. Lanterns are hanged in windows. In malls, people are rushing to buy their gifts…

Speaking of gifts, had you already thought the best gift for your loved one? For dad? Mom? Siblings? Friends?

It’s only ten days left and it's already Christmas. I haven't thought yet the best Christmas gift for my loved ones. Honestly, I am thinking of something special. It's not necessarily expensive. It can be cheap, but not ordinary. What matters is its value. Just like the saying "It's the thought that counts."

How about you, what do you think is the best gift to give this Christmas? Are you hoping someone will give you your dream iPhone? Or your dream laptop? Or just simply hoping you are with your loved ones this Christmas.

I think the best gift this Christmas is love, forgiveness, and peace. It’s good to receive material gifts, but isn’t it better when love is in the air too?