Follow Your Passion: Do Something You Love!

Posted on December 3, 2007 by Hye

Earlier June this year, I was thinking of quitting my job because I was quite fed up with the things happening in our office. Sorry, I can't disclose them here :D

During those days, I read an article titled "Stop doing stuff you’re not passionate about", or something like that. I can't remember the exact title of the article, or even the writer! But I am so sure that the idea of the article is to stop doing things I am not passionate about and start doing the things I love.

I agreed with the author. Life is just to short just to waste it doing the things I don't love. I should waste my time to the things I wanted and loved. That way, I won't have any regrets in the future.

I followed his recommendation. I quit my job and re-considered another better opportunity. I am too glad I listened to him. Now, I know something better is waiting ahead of me. I no longer feel stuck, bored, and demoralized. It is a great feeling knowing your passion and doing what you really love.

I guess the lesson here is that "If you’re not excited about what you do for a job - change it as soon as you can. Take that first step, whatever it is, towards doing something you love." :D