Trust Your Instincts

Posted on December 9, 2007 by Hye

"Trusting your instincts lead you to the right answer..." - Anonymous

Do you agree with this sentence? Why not?

If yes, why?

Honestly, I agree with the statement above. In most cases, trusting my instincts often lead me to the right answer. However, I did not listen. For example, while watching a game show, my instincts told me the right answer to the host's question. But instead of listening, I did not. Then, the next thing I know, viola, my instincts are right. I should have answered the question correctly.

Anyway, there are a lot of situations about my instincts and for not listening to them. But if will write them all here, then I am pretty sure I will finish this post tomorrow and it will be very wrong. I don’t want that to happen because I know readers don't want long posts, right? So I think, these three situations I cited above will suffice as an example of trusting my instincts that could have been lead me to an answer, but too bad, I did not listen.

I read an article saying studies shows that instinctive snap decisions are more reliable than decisions taken using higher-level cognitive processes. Can you believe that? Do you agree?

In my opinion, all of us have our instincts. I think it is normal in us to have instincts. However, we may admit it or not, sometimes, we do not listen to our instincts because we are having seconds thoughts thinking "What if my instincts are wrong". But then again, after we learned our instincts right, we sigh and mutter "If only I listened to my instincts" :(