Describe Red To A Blind Person

Posted on January 21, 2008 by Hye

You Comment I FollowI should be giving my opinion regarding the difference between giving a try and giving your best, but I am still waiting for more opinions so I will let it that way. Maybe, I will post it tomorrow or the next day. So, if you haven't cast your opinion yet, take some time and share it here Giving A Try Versus Doing Your Best.

Today, I want to let you think again by asking another question. Who knows, I might give away another award. Maybe we can call it "Most Clever" award. Just for fun, what do you think?

So my question is "How will you describe the color RED to a blind person"? I'm talking about a person who was blind since birth. Imagine yourself with a blind person and he was asking you to describe the color red to him, how will you explain it?

Actually, this was asked by my interviewer when I was interviewed for my job. I never thought nor imagined this question will be asked. In short I wasn't prepared. Again, I was mentally blanked. But I gave my answer in the best way I could. Want to know my answer? Nah… maybe after yours :D

So, if you were at my shoes that time, how will you answer your interviewer? Please answer it on your own… no peaking :D

Who knows, in the future, your interviewer will ask this same question too. In case someone will, you’ll be prepared.

Happy thinking :D