Find The Opportunity, Don't Wait For It

Posted on January 12, 2008 by Hye

Yesterday, I posted and shared my opinion about "Opportunity Knocks Only Once". Thanks to my readers who shared their thoughts and opinions about this subject. Because of your wonderful feedback, I thought of posting a sequel about opportunity. This time, I want to talk about finding opportunity instead of waiting for it. This is in courtesy of Dann's and AVCR8TEUR's comments yesterday. Here are their comments:

Dann quoted: "Well, Every person has got different view about this. So I would like to share my view too. Instead of waiting for an opportunity to come and knock at my door, I would like to create one for myself. Successful people don't do different things, they just do things differently..;)"
AVCR8TEUR said: "...I still believe that if opportunity doesn't knock, you go out and make it happen. Nothing wrong with grabbing all the opportunities that comes your way, but you have to be aware of the hard work and risks. I believe successful people are risk takers, hard workers, and generally lucky. And, you're never too old to grab an opportunity."

Actually, after posting the article yesterday, I already decided to post something about finding the opportunity instead of waiting for it. But not today. Maybe next week or next month. But because I was inspired by Dann and AVCR8TEUR, I finally decided to post an article about "Finding the Opportunity" today.

It is true. We should not be spending our time waiting for the great opportunity. We have to go out and find it. Waiting and sitting inside our house will only make ourselves idle and close to chances. Great opportunities are outside, waiting for you.

Find OpportunityIn case opportunity comes in your way and knocked at your door, then consider yourself lucky. However, remember that opportunity only knocks once and they seldom do. So, if opportunity does not knock at you, you should do your job - Knock at it!

Remember, we are the one responsible for our success. If you open yourself to opportunities then the more likely you will be successful. But if you just spend your precious time waiting for a knock, then you are just wasting your time. Remember, time is gold... use every second of it.

Go, find your fate before it's too late... maybe it's just waiting for you.