Opportunity Does Not Have A Boundary

Posted on January 13, 2008 by Hye

Today's Sunday and I'm not suppose to post an article but because I've got a very wonderful feedback from a fellow blogger that needs my attention, I decided to take some moment to create a post as an answer to Thomas' questions.

First, I would like to thank Thomas for his wonderful opinion about my post yesterday. Thanks Thomas and it's my pleasure answering your query based on my opinion.

Thomas asked: "What do you mean by writing "Go, find your fate before it's too late..."? That's the truth, but ... for example, people with disabilities, is it too late to start the new life for them already? Are the aged the hopeless?

Opportunity Is Not LimitedWhat I mean by the statement "Go find your fate before it's too late" is to take a move now to make a difference in your life. I'm referring to people who are just waiting for chances, sitting somewhere without doing anything. As for the people with disabilities, in my opinion, it’s never too late for them to have a new life. They have the same chance as what other "normal" people have. In my city, I'm seeing disabled people who do not see their disability as a hinder to their success. As I observe, they are more optimistic in finding their fate rather than those some normal people.

Being old does not mean you’re hopeless. Being old does not mean, you no longer have a chance. While there’s life, there’s still an opportunity. It could be a chance to share the love or help others.

When I say “Go now before it’s too late”, I mean “Go now before that opportunity is missed out and taken by somebody else”.
Thomas said: I am not strong in a math and therefore it would be hard to discuss either the opportunity knocks only once, or twice - are we dealing with an opportunity or with the opportunities, but one is for sure, we are responsible indeed for our success. However, what does it mean?

I am referring to a single opportunity. Of course, there are a lot of opportunities. But in my opinion, an opportunity missed will never come back. If it’ll do, then it could be better or worse but oftentimes, it will never knock back. So when you think that opportunity is your best chance, you should be grabbing it without hesitation.
Thomas said: Success is the willingness to live - the sharing of the love - the sense of the fellowship - of being not alone - that is our trust in God and the recognition of the presence of God's caring hand. Jesus is knocking without ceasing at our heart and we are responsible for the reply we make.
You are right. Success is fulfillment. It's not only about how much money you've earned or what material things you have obtained. Success is measured on how you've made your life and how you've affected other people's life.

Thank you again, Thomas :D Again, please understand that these are my opinions and I’m not asking you to agree with me or not.