How To Get Motivated and Get Moving

Posted on January 7, 2008 by Hye

Do you often lose your motivation to start something, say a new project or a new task? I mean, as a blogger, do you often lose your enthusiasm in writing a new post? As a mother, do you often lose your motivation to wash the clothes? As an employee, do you often lose your momentum doing your daily job - sometimes too lazy to go to work? As student, do you often lose your drive to do your homework, or sometimes too languid to attend class.

Do you ever suffer from the habit of procrastination.. where you prefer sleeping or watching a movie rather than doing an important job or going to work or school?

Com'n let's be honest.

I am sure most of us lose our motivation. I did and sometimes I still do. Isn't it more exciting watching a DVD movie or reading an interesting book, rather than starting a new task or doing a "daily" habit?

Why do you think you sometimes or often lose your motivation? Is it because the new task is boring? Difficult? Complicated? Or are we just plainly lazy to start?

Whatever the reason may be, if you delay something that should be done, in the end the only person who will get affected is - YOU... You and yourself, alone. You may admit it or not, you still have to start or do that task. You only prolonged or delayed it.

So, what should you do to keep your motivation intact?


Remember, the best way to achieve your goals is to just get started. Take the ACTION and FOCUS.

Ta-ta! Ta-ta! Ta-ta!