My Goals For The Year Of The Rats

Posted on January 5, 2008 by Hye

The year 2007 had past... Time for the year of the RATS! Welcome year 2008!

I have been tagged by Dann asking me my goals this year. Nice idea. You can read more about Dann's post by clicking "What are my goals for this year 2008?".

What are my goals this year?! Honestly, I got a lot of goals in life. This were my goals last year and I still continued it forward. I am really looking forward to make them a reality. So here they are. P.S. Some of my goals are kept private ;D Sorry :(

1. Better health. Exercise daily.
2. Success in my career. Stop the laziness. Put up the business.
3. Work out my temper.
4. More caring to my loved ones everyday.
5. Meet new friends both online and offline :D

Those are my everyday goals. So, let's hear what my other fellow bloggers have to say about their goals in life.

1. Bluedreamer27
2. Brainy Bimbo
3. Rose World
4. Clare3
5. Jenny

Ta-ta! Ta-ta! Ta-ta!