I Love You ... Because...

Posted on January 29, 2008 by Hye

You Comment I Follow If you were asked to continue the above statement, how will you do it? Will you say...

I love you because...
... you are rich and powerful.
... you are sweet.
... you are handsome/beautiful.
... you are kind.
... you are most wanted and having you makes me feel lucky.

Or do you have other words to include... maybe other positive adjectives.

Think... think... think... how will you continue it?

In my opinion... there should no "Because". If you truly love a person, you will just simply say "I love you". No because. No ifs. No what ifs. Just as simple as I love you. Period.

This is a very short post and I'll leave everything on you :D Maybe I'll continue this post tomorrow.

Anyway, what's your stand about LOVE. Let's concentrate the topic with romantic love - your love to the opposite sex. Do you love him... with the word because?