The Power Of Unconditional Love

Posted on January 30, 2008 by Hye

You Comment I Follow Yesterday, we talked about I love you because... Since most of us agreed about loving someone for no reason, I would like to talk about unconditional love, which a little related to our topic yesterday.

First, let's take the definition of unconditional love from

Unconditional love is a concept that means showing love towards someone regardless of his or her actions or beliefs. It is a concept comparable to true love, a term which is more frequently used to describe love between lovers. By contrast, unconditional love is frequently used to describe love between family members, comrades in arms and between others in highly committed relationships. It has also been used in a "religious" context to describe God's love for mankind.

Great definition right? Unconditional love was properly defined. I have nothing to add. Do you?

Now that we know what unconditional love means, let me ask you if you practice unconditional love?

Do you practice unconditional love? Do you love your parents despite of their mistakes and deeds... do you love your partner despite his imperfections... do you love your self despite your weaknesses... do you accept your friends despite their mistakes?

Or do you often say "I love you... if you will change your bad attitudes", "I love you... if you will climb the highest mountain", "I love you.. if you will jump at the highest building", "I love you if you can prove you love me too" and so on?

Common, let's be honest. If we lie, there's no one you'll be lying to except yourself... honesty is the best policy.