Let's Take a Peek At SaveBuckets

Posted on January 23, 2008 by Hye

Just this week, I decided to buy an Apple iPhone as a price for myself. Honestly, I'm a very thrift shopper, which means I prefer buying stuffs with lower and reasonable price rather than buying the expensive ones. I've been searching online for the best place which offers the best, affordable, and practical price for an iPhone… that's the time I found SaveBuckets website.

SaveBuckets.co.uk is a free website that helps shoppers find great offers at a reasonable price. They almost have everything - from consumer electronics, home and garden, computer hardware, electronic games, clothing, and others. You name it, they got it.

On their homepage, they listed four of the hottest and best-selling products. They also have a Search box where you can enter your desired product. Say, if you are planning to buy mp3 players you just have to enter it in the Search box and hit "Go Find” button.

On their search results, they list the products that matched your query as ordered by relevance. On each product, they give you the product description, specifications, manufacturer, best price, and the name of shop which offers the best price.

Another amazing factor about SaveBuckets is their "My Price" section. If you wish to buy something yet your budget isn’t enough, you just enter your email address and desired price at this section and when the price becomes available from their suppliers, they will inform you.

So if you are currently looking for a new gadget, then take a peek at SaveBuckets and start comparing prices.