The Right Time To Say A White Lie

Posted on January 17, 2008 by Hye

This is a follow-up post in relation to our topic yesterday about "Is it okay to tell a White Lie". Everyone's been honest in sharing their opinion and everyone has their own point of view. Thanks everyone for your honesty and frankness : D

I guess it's my time to share my opinion if it's okay to tell a white lie.

I admit I hate hearing lies. I've heard too much lies before and they hurt me especially after hearing the truth. But I also confess that I told lies before and still telling it sometimes. This is me, and I have to tell the truth :D

Whoever did not lie is a liar. It's a genuine fact that everyone had lied - to ourselves, to our family, to our loved ones, to our friends, to our peers, to our teachers.

PinoccioIt is true that "The truth hurts", but it's truer that "A lie hurts more". Of course we hate lies, who doesn't? But as I asked yesterday "Will you rather hear a hurtful truth or hear a white lie?"

We have to admit that we have to say a lie for the sake of protecting one's feeling. It could be because that person is a sensitive person and he can't take negative criticism. We also have to consider our relationship to that person. If we know that person well and we think that the truth will not hurt him, then I think being straight forward and frank is the best thing to do. But if we know don't really know that person especially his feeling, then I think the best way to do is to tell your opinion in an indirect way or tell a white lie.

I think the real question is "When is the right time to say a white lie?" What do you think?