Is It Okay To Tell White Lies?

Posted on January 16, 2008 by Hye

Is it okay to tell white lies? Why do you have to say a white lie when you can actually tell them the truth? Is it because you are protecting yourself? Or are you protecting someone's feeling? Is white lie considered a sin or not?

For example, if I will to ask you your opinion about my blog, will you tell positive things just to protect my feelings? Will you say "It's nice", "You've got a wonderful blog", "Nice template" just to satisfy me? Or will you say something based on your opinion not minding if I get hurt by your negative feedback?

White LiesAnother example, if a friend were to ask you if how she looked on her new dress and you see her dress doesn't suit her, what will you say? Will you say "You look beautiful"? Or will you honestly say "The dress doesn't look good on you! Threw it in the trash can!"

In my opinion, a lie is still a lie regardless if it's white, gray, or black. I know most of us hate lies. I do. I hate it when someone told me something then later, I just found out that it is nothing but a lie. Fake. Untrue. False.

We all deserve to know the truth. But the question is, will you still accept a hurtful truth or will you rather hear a white lie?

These are the questions ringing in my mind right now and I am looking forward hearing your opinion. What's your stand with white lies? Do you practice it or not? Please be honest. Everyone's opinion is accepted.