Living To 100 Years Old

Posted on February 6, 2008 by Hye

I feel bored today so I searched for online fun quizzes and I came to a site called Settlement Quotes. They have fun quizzes, widgets, badges, and gadgets for blogs and websites. One quiz that really got my attention is called Will you live to 100 years old. I got interested to know if I will be living for 100 years so without thinking twice, I took the quiz. I have nothing to lose if I try and who knows, I will live for 100 years, right?

By the way, I started taking the quiz and answered their 11 questions. The quiz has easy questions that requires Yes/No and True/False answers. After taking the quiz, I was given the following result:

You have a 80% chance of living to 100 years old!

80%Living to 100 Years Old

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Not bad. By the way, why don't you take the quiz too and find your chance of living for 100 years. There are also other other quizzes to choose from. You can check if your blog is Friendly or not, you can even know how old your blog is.

See you there and have some fun today.