Is Saying I Love You Enough?

Posted on February 7, 2008 by Hye

I Love YouI love you...

How would you react if your loved one said those words to you? Will you respond back and say "I love you too"? Or will you ask "Why"?

We must admit that most of us will say "I love you" back... especially if we love that person too. If you asked "why?" then you want him to love you for a reason. Remember our topic regarding I love you because recently?

Anyway, back to the topic...did you ever come to a point when you responded "I love you, too" because he/she expected you to say those words whenever he/she said "I love you" to you? To simplify, do you only say those words because you are required to... and if you don't say "I love you back", it will just cause a little argument?

As for me, I don't say the words "I love you" especially if I don't want to. I admit, my hon and I have a little argument whenever he said "I love you" and I never responded back. He asked me "Oh, you no longer love me". In a serious face, I respond back "Yeah". But that is only a joke. Too good, we are now able to adjust :D

I am not a person of words... I am a person of action. It's not because I did not respond "I love you"... it means I no longer love him. For me, love cannot be measured by saying the words "I love you"... I am more after "How much you mean those words".

What would you prefer "Hearing those words but you can't feel it" or the other way around. As for me, I would prefer not hearing these three words but feeling them, rather than always hearing void "I love you".

I more believe in Actions Speak Louder Than Words :D