There's No Place Like Home

Posted on February 22, 2008 by Hye

No Place Like HomeOh, it's Friday again. Tomorrow's weekend... We should be visiting my aunt (my mom's sister) tomorrow, but because of some unavoidable reasons, we can't go and we'll visit her next month instead. By the way, please pray for my aunt for more strength... she has a brain tumor and I heard she won't live long. Your prayers are very much appreciated ;(

Even though we are not so close, I still feel so sad. We never thought or imagined she could get a cancer. She worked too hard for her family. She even went abroad and worked as a domestic helper just to send her kids in school. I don't pity her because she has a cancer. Instead, I am so proud for her courage and strength.

Out of nowhere, while I was thinking about the fate of my aunt, a topic about "There's No Place Like Home" arise... thus this post was created.

Do you agree that there's no place like home? I do. I no longer live with my family... and I admit that most of the time, I missed back home. I miss my family, I miss my room, I miss the fresh air, and I miss everything.

Reality speaks, even though many Filipinos are going abroad for greener living, they still go back home to the Philippines... for a vacation or to settle down. Some of the people I know often say that they still want to die in the comforts of their own home, not in their foreign land. In my aunt's case, she chose to live her remaining days with her husband, children, and family. I know some had forgotten being a Filipino, but I am so proud to those Filipinos who never gave up being a Filipino - at heart and soul. They never forget their home and never felt ashamed being a Filipino despite the “things” going on.

This may not be the typical scenario in your country, but in mine this is how people treasure the value of home and family. There is indeed no place like home. There is no place as sweet as home.