Singletons Spend Less Than Couples

Posted on February 22, 2008 by Hye

In life, minimizing your expenses to save money is important, especially if you are married and have kids or planning to have kids. They say when you are married, it means your expenses become bigger and most of the time, the needs become costly. House bills, grocery bills, and even restaurant bills are doubled. One source that can prove this report is the article I was reading awhile ago. It is titled Singletons 'spend less than couples'. The article states that married people are less thrifty rather than single people.

What does this means? It means, single people spend less compared to married people. Well, I think it is obvious. Of course two heads costs far more rather than a head, right? It is like the expense of a single person is doubled.

Because couples have higher expenses compared to singles, they often face financial crisis. However, in my opinion, being married doesn’t mean you have the excuse not to have savings. Being married means you have the reason to save or minimize your expenses, for your kids and emergency needs. Of course, there are secured loans companies where you can run to during times of crisis, but saving your own money and having something to use during emergencies is still necessary, right? This post is a sponsored post.