Why Do Parents Argue?

Posted on February 26, 2008 by Hye

I am not a parent yet, but I have parents and I admit I often ask myself "Why do parents argue?" especially when I was a kid about five or six years old.

You might be wondering where I got this topic. Actually, I was just browsing my blog when I saw a Google Adsense advertisement titled "Why Do My Parents Argue?"... so I said to myself "Why not discuss this topic today?" I hope parents will share their opinion about this topic… maybe its time to share the reason behind parents' arguments. Is it normal? Is the argument worth it or did it just affected the relationship between you and your husband/wife - especially the kids?

Based on my own parents' arguments and the arguments between my boyfriend and me, I believe that arguments are just normal in a relationship. Couples argue because of some misunderstanding or the least, misjudgment. Yet, whatever the reason may be, compromise is necessary - so with saying "sorry" and giving an explanation. Aside from those, it is also important to hear the others' side. Remember, it takes two to tango...

And as tip coming from a parents' child, I believe that the argument should be kept private, without the kids hearing it, because this may affect the kids as well. Don't you agree?