Blogging Friends Forever Gold Card

Posted on March 4, 2008 by Hye

Blogging FriendsIt was another busy Tuesday... thank God it's now time to have my night sleep. Yipppeee!!!

But before I end this day, I want to share this one-of-the-best-awards I received recently. It was from a dear friend Twinkletoe. I call this award as one of the best because it indeed is. The award is called Blogging Friends Forever (BFF) Gold Card Award as seen on the left side of this post. I now have my own gold card and I am just wondering if I can use it as my Visa Gold credit card so I can buy stuffs online. Thanks a lot for this wonderful award, Twinkletoe.

Now, the best part of this post is to share this Blogging Friends Forever Gold Card to my cool, loyal, loving, amazing, and honest blogging friends who never forget to share their awards with me, never forget to include my name on their memes, and never forgot to click Space of Reality link and leave a comment on each post. Thank you guys and it's really great hearing your thoughts and opinions on each of my topics. Words are not enough to tell you how grateful I am... I hope a simple "Thank you" will do. Also, accept this blogging friends forever award as a sign of my friendship and gratitude. (I am not still sure if you can use it as credit card, though)

Farah, Felinesopher, Jen, Dazeree, Gusher, Colin, Richard, Sphinx, Benjamin, Coolingstar, VeryHeaven, Rose, BluecrystalDude, GrafixGirl, Simple Mindz, Sweetipie, RazaMith, Toby, and Suzanne.

If your name did not appear here, I am sure you received this award personally from TwinkleToe.