The History of Computer Data Backup

Posted on March 4, 2008 by Hye

Majority of us uses a computer in a daily basis - from school projects, office workloads, business accounting, payroll, and more. Using a computer can make the work faster and easier. There is no doubt most people, including me, claim that a computer is a necessity.

When you use a computer for your daily tasks or office workload, data backup is necessary. No one can determine when a computer is hacked by a virus or when the data is corrupted. In cases such as data corruption, data lose, or virus infection, it is great if you have several backup of your critical files saved on a CD, DVD, USB flash drive, or external hard drive.

Do you know the history of backup? During the ancient time, our ancestors saved their important data through paper, stones, and woods. But as year pass by, they begun to discover about computers and later on introduced the first method of computer data backup which is through the use of magnetic tapes and punch cards. Later on, they began to use floppy disks in different sizes.

Today, most of the computers no longer use floppy drives or magnetic tapes. Most computers already came with CD and DVD burners wherein anyone can burn their large files instantly on a CD or DVD. Nowadays, some other method of data backup include external or secondary hard drives, flash drives or via network. For a detailed history of computer data backup, visit