Is It Really Your Choice?

Posted on March 12, 2008 by Hye

Life is DecisionRemember my post about Your life is your decision? My post today is something related to that post, but not exactly. In case you haven't read the said post yet, I recommend reading it first before jumping to this post.

Anyway, I am posting a similar topic just to remind everyone about my opinion about having a choice and without a choice. Most people - you may disagree with me - often make the word choice as their excuse.

For example, if you ask a group of people "Why do you work in a call center?", some - or maybe, most - of them will simply answer back "...because I don't have a choice!!!"

Is it really because he doesn't have a choice or is it because it was his choice?

In my opinion, as I've mentioned on my post about "your life is your decision", a person's life is the product of his decision. If you work in a call center or somewhere else, it is because you choose it. It is also your choice to stay in that job or to go for another job. It's not that you weren't given the choice. It is because you did not open yourself to another choice. An option is a two-way range. In my opinion, there is always a second choice - it is up to you. It's your choice.