Teens Resort To Sex For Money?

Posted on March 8, 2008 by Hye

Teen ProstitutionIt's been two days since my last post. I've been busy for some personal stuff. To our avid readers, I apologize for not giving you reality articles for the past two days. As well, thanks to those who dropped their comments informing me I received awards and tags. I really appreciate them a lot. I will post and share these as soon as possible. For now, I want to share my opinion about life truth - which is on the title of this post.

Will you please re-read the title of this article? Do you agree? Why not? Does this incident happening in your country, too?

Honestly, this situation occurs in my country. There is no denying. I read it in newspapers. I watched it in the local - sometimes international - news. I heard it from a friend. How many times have I read, watched, and heard about a parent engaging his daughter for prostitution? How about a teenager engaging in prostitution just to pay her college tuition, or worst, just to have some money to buy drugs or alcohol?

A lot of times, indeed.

Why? It is because of poverty? Lack of proper parental guidance? Peer pressure? Lack of government support to the poor? Or is it the only option to take?

I know money is necessity. We need money to survive. But does it mean, because you have no money, your only choice is to employ in prostitution?

Who is accountable for this - the parent, the teenager herself, the peer, or the government?

As usual, reality bites... and these are my simple thoughts ;(