Who Are Happier - Singletons Or Married?

Posted on March 2, 2008 by Hye

Broken HeartedToday's post is a little related to our topic yesterday about Why Some People Choose To Be Single? as inspired by Keitaro. Yesterday, Keitaro asked these questions "Why some people, who are in a romantic relationship, never managed to become REALLY happy? And why most single people are a lot happier than them?" and I promised to discuss a topic related to his queries today.

Why some people who are in relationship never managed to become really happy? I am not sure about their reasons, honestly.

I am in a relationship right now, but I can say I am happy despite all the little fights, arguments, and misunderstanding. Those mentioned are part of each relationship and it's up to the couple on how they deal with these trials and tests. If their "connection" is too weak, then this can cause unhappiness to either or both parties - sometimes causing fight or worst breakup. In my opinion, there are some people who are into relationship and are unhappy because they have high expectations on their relationship. They expected their partner would be someone who he/she is not or sometimes, it turned out that their partner is someone who they thought would be. Some even opt for a perfect relationship.. and when things get worse, they become unhappy. I think these are some of the reasons why some people in a relationship never managed to be happy.

Why most single people are a lot happier than them? Again, I don't know the real reason... but in my opinion and baseD on my observation, some single people are happier being single because they enjoy the privacy and independence, which they can never have when they are in a relationship. Just a thought ;D