Are You A People Pleaser?

Posted on May 4, 2008 by Hye

Do You Please Other People?Do you please other people? In other words, are you a people pleaser?

Before you answer the questions above, maybe it would be better if we first explain what "a people pleaser" means.

A people pleaser think of other people’s needs before their own. He worries about what other people want, think, or need. He spends a lot of time doing things for others. He rarely do things for themselves and feel guilty when they do.

A people pleaser hold back from saying what he really think or from asking for what he wants if he thinks someone will be upset with him for it. Yet he often spends time with people who don’t consider his needs at all. In fact, a people pleaser often feel driven to make insensitive or unhappy people feel better - even at the detriment to themselves.

A people pleaser may believe that if he ask someone for help and that person agrees, that person would be giving out of obligation, not because he really wanted to. The thinking goes - if he really wanted to help, he would have offered without my asking. This line of thinking happens because a people pleaser themselves feel obliged to help, and do not always do things because he wants to. Sadly, a people pleaser have been taught that their worth depends on doing things for other people.

A People pleaser's focus is mostly on others and away from himself. He often feel empty, or don’t know how he feels, what he thinks, or what he wants for himself.

Now, knowing what the words "people pleaser" means, do you think do you please other people? Mind to explain your thoughts ;0