I Am Back Here At Space of Reality

Posted on May 2, 2008 by Hye

I Am Back Here At Space of RealityI've been inactive in this Space of Reality blog for more than a week now - 8 days to be exact, which is the longest in my blogging history. I remember I used to actively update this blog almost everyday wherein I can post even three articles in a day. However, last month, I admit I only posted a total of five posts ;( What happened? Was I that very busy?

Aside from a very minimal post last month, I also noticed that the visitors of this blog dropped almost by three times. The only good thing that happened here is that the Alexa rank went lower, which is fine.

Anyway, in case you are wondering where I have been for the past days and what's the reason behind my absence, truth is, I was a bit busy developing my other blog and because of too much time I used in the other blog, I nearly forgot to post here. There were a lot of time I wanted to update, but I get too hooked with some stuffs that it's already late when I realized I forgot.

Anyway, now that everything is settled, I think I should give some time here. I've given a lot of efforts to put up this blog and it is unjust if I just give it up. I will be posting articles every other day. I will still tackle inspiring thoughts and observations, but I will also be sharing my opinion on current events, especially the things happening here in my country.

It's good to be back ;0 Who wants to party??? Tell me if you like the new template ;0